A little MAC makeup

I have never been very much into makeup-I like it, but I´m not exactly the kind of girl that have been buying makeup books & endlessly tried to master a smokey eye. I must admit that I´m fascinated by makeup artists work though & since my sister has been showing me this makeup universe on youtube I do occasionally stop by to try to learn something I´ve seen. But it´s like I´m always missing a tool or some makeup thingy that I didn´t know existed. So when I recently saw a MAC store that also had pro products I forced myself in there ( always too crowded for me, but they are the best & so very helpful ).



& I actually bought something.



I saw Sara Rostrup- a makeup artist who has a blog called youblush, which you can find here – on her blog wearing this cool blue eyeliner called Chromagraphic pencil & I thought would go for some of those eyeliners. They are MAC pro so they can´t be purchased everywere. I also got two lipsticks & lip pencils.




Fusion pink which is also a MAC Pro product & Morange. The lip pencils to match are called Embrace Me & What A Blast.



Sorry about the mugshots. I don´t know why I look so glum-haha. I have been watching a little too much E! & I saw Khloé Kardashian wearing a very bright pink lipstick & since she looked so awesome I decided to try as well. I´m no makeup oracle, but do remember a lip liner-otherwise you might end up looking like Krusty the clown.



Here I´m wearing one of the Chromagraphic pencils. It´s called Hi Def Cyan. It was really hard to choose between all the great colors. I got two more though, but kept it more natural with a white & a nude.

Hope all of you have a great weekend!

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11 thoughts on “A little MAC makeup

  1. CokaRabbit says:

    Love those two lipsticks! beautiful colors and you look great with them too!

  2. Mary says:

    wow – love that bright eyeliner – v striking!

  3. caroline1t says:

    Love the blue liner!!! Looks like you picked up some great things.

  4. lolaanne says:

    Those bright colors look so good on you!

  5. cathka says:

    You picked fantastic colours, really compliments your skin tone.

  6. I love MAC make up, great choice on everything you bought! Looks amazing! x

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