Carmakoma AW13 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

I bright girl I know had the wonderful idea to make fashionable clothes for plus size women. I know that the US has a wide range of brands that do plus sizes, but in Denmark there is not much cute for women above size 14 ( European 42 ). But we all know that there are many women above that size that wants to feel pretty or sexy so Heidie Lykke & her friend Angelica Weiss created the brand Carmakoma a couple of years ago & it´s a big success. Their clothes are sold in 17 countries so far & the brand have made Italian Vogue several times. I went to their pop up show & took some shots of their new collection.



Saseline Sørensen isn´t exactly plus size, but the jacket looks great on her.


This is such a cool look. Very flattering.


Love this dress. She looked awesome in it.


Cute makeup & hair


The designers: Angelica Weiss (left) & Heidie Lykke (left).

They actually flew in Brazilian super plus size model Fluvia Lacerda, but I didn´t get a decent shot of her. She is also in their campaign & I was able to find a picture from Carmakoma´s facebook page:

Fluvia Lacerda

If you would like to know more about Carmakoma you can have a look here.

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5 thoughts on “Carmakoma AW13 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

  1. shiroknowes says:

    Love the models and the collection !

  2. sjvella says:

    cool finally some hot fashion for big girls like me 🙂 I love the black lace dress. I would buy it right now

  3. cravensavor says:

    Wow, that make up is amazing! Esp the gold… Who is the artist?

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