A little art that makes you reflect.

I live down the road from the National Gallery of Denmark ( Statens Museum for Kunst) & this weekend I took my kids there to see some art. The museum has old treasures from past centuries & new art. The museum itself is a historic building that was built too small so now it has merged with a new very modern building. It´s a very inspiring place that I can only recommend you to visit. I took a few shots of this cool patchwork art piece. I really liked the quotes that for me referred to the norms of one person isn´t universal. Fx. when I enjoy not wearing a hijab or niqab ( muslim scarf & burqa-like dress) it doesn´t mean that everyone would enjoy my kind of freedom. It´s not a universal law that applies to everyone. So stop putting your norms down others throats-you probably wouldn´t like it the other way round.







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2 thoughts on “A little art that makes you reflect.

  1. caroline1t says:

    Two thumbs up!!! I love that you live down the street from an art gallery….I’m very jealous.

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