Home decor

It´s time for some pretty & fun home decor items since all the new stuff has arrived. Have a look.


A sugarbowl!

bowler_black_2 ceramictakeawaycup

The legendary take away cup made in ceramics.


A smokealarm! It´s called chick-a-dee. You can also find it with a black branch. How cute & decorative is that!


A nice tablecloth anno 2013 by H&M home. Below you can see it in action.

dugen kroge

Check these out! I would love to hang my clothes on these. They are also by H&M home.


An industrial looking lamp from Rue Verte.



Lamp on shelf.


Awww! Retro Disney is forever cool. This pillowcase is by H&M home.


Another pillowcase by H&M home navajo style.


Bookcase wallpaper


Venetian style mirror.


Adorable. You can buy it at Rue Verte.



Zebra bathtowel by H&M home.



Looks good doesn´t it?!


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12 thoughts on “Home decor

  1. t smith knowles says:

    sugar bowl…light on shelf…bookshelf wallpaper…very cleaver…all really great…thanks!

  2. t smith knowles says:

    clever…not cleaver…no knives…I can see…ha ha…

  3. I’m dying over the bowlers – and the smoke detectors? To die for! I must invest!

  4. Love these, they are all very nice, stylish and functional! I especially love the tablecloth =)

  5. where are the bow tie holders from?

  6. caroline1t says:

    Everything is just so pretty!

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