Lulu Loves – A blog recommendation

Lulu Henckel is the owner of Danish webshop “Youheshe“. The shop has a lot of very nice stuff from Acne to Isabel Marant & it´s a store that everyone knows. But I never knew that the creative director/owner/buyer had such cool style, but this fashionweek I couldn´t help noticing her. Since she was front row I figured, that she probably was a buyer & a few days later she was at a lot of magazines webpages & I learned that she is Mrs. Youheshe. Now I just learned that she has launched her own blog “LuluLoves”. I find it quite interesting since not only she has awesome style, but she also brings her readers along to all the showrooms & we get to see what she has bought for the next season. I really like that since we see all the shows, but never know which store will have our favorite items-but Lulu give us a preview of what will be in her store six months from now. Below are some pictures of Lulu Henckel.



From her blog. Coolest look.





Picture from Vogue Japan.



Picture by




Also from her blog. Love the jeans & shoes!

You can see more at LuluLoves right here.


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4 thoughts on “Lulu Loves – A blog recommendation

  1. caroline1t says:

    Oh she has great style! Can’t wait to check out that blog, thanks for the tip!

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