My favorite Oscar dresses.

I´m no Oscar girl. I don´t really watch the movies so it feels very irrelevant to watch people getting awarded for their work. I just don´t have time to go to the cinema & if I go I am most likely to watch Danish movies ( They are really good at movies here, but it´s of course has a very European style-with lot´s of real life pain & dilemmas. And if they are funny they are always out of line, which “we” love here). But but but back to the Academy awards- I do always check out the dresses. I always find a lot of them a little too bridal and granny- ballroom for my taste. And you´ll never know who gets it wrong-it can be everyone which kind of proves that many actors don´t really have an interested in fashion-which is of course fine. So I wont bore you with what are disasters in my opinion. The images below are by Getty images.

Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander. I have no idea who she is & or who she is wearing, but she looks stunning in that dress.



Elie Saab

Sandra Bullock is wearing Elie Saab. Nothing crazy, not too much skin, but still sexy & the “tail” makes it very glamourous.

I guess I am into simple dresses with lace & not too much skin at the moment.




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6 thoughts on “My favorite Oscar dresses.

  1. I love award shows just for the fashion!

  2. CokaRabbit says:

    Love the lace grown so much!!!

  3. Copenhagen says:

    I love to watch the clothes at the oscars it’s a big couture night. The first picture is swedish actor Alicia Vikander she plays the leading role in the Oscar nominated danish movie : a royal affair – en kongelig affære ( great movie ). She is also co starring in the new (2012) Anna Karenina. She was wearing Elie Saab couture as well. Elie Saab was all over the 2013 Oscars. Monica youre such a sweetheart great blog and keep up the good work

    • monicaali says:

      Thanks for the info. Ironic that she was in a Danish movie that I didn´t even know : ) But her Elie Saab dress was absolutely my favorite. So happy that you enjoy the blog.

  4. Julia says:

    I think I must have the same taste in dresses as you do; I don’t watch the Oscars but love seeing the gowns. The two you picture here are gorgeous.

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