Another blog recommendation-interiørblog by Annaleena

I love finding “new” blogs to read & follow & yesterday I found a very cool Scandinavian styled blog. Swedish interior designer Annaleena has a blog & shop right here where you can follow her work. She is constantly making new stuff that are easy to do yourself-that is if you like her style. It can be kind of raw & look like temporarily sloppy solutions-& it´s very naked also. BUT it´s fun & I like that everything doesn´t have to be polished & pretty & since the edgy stuff are held in only white, black & silver it doesn´t look like a kid had anything to do with it .


Annaleenas design, candleholders. I would love these!

lysestager magasinholder

DIY magazineholder

magazineholder tøjdims



Annaleena´s design on the three pictures above. They are all so cool. Wouldn´t you love to hang your stuff on one of those things?!!! So decorative.

trappe trappe1

Black tape on the stairs is one of Anneleenas ways of decorating her home. Looks cool to me.


DIY bottle/candleholder thing. So easy to make.


Such a cool idea. You wont at first notice it´s just tape on the wall-& when I noticed I liked it.

What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “Another blog recommendation-interiørblog by Annaleena

  1. mzklever says:

    Love the clean white look!

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