Wilhelm Freddie – a Danish surrealist.

Wilhelm Freddie´s (1909-1995) art was once not accepted at all for the first many decades of his career. His art was quite different from the norm & was seen as quite bizarre & pornographic. And not only was he like many surrealists known for expressing unconscious desire, but he was also one of the few with an ideological & a moral content. He was indeed Danish arts ´enfant terrible´.

He was an autodidact painter, which I find quite amazing given his work. He was frequently harassed by the authorities & some of his work was confiscated. It wasn´t until the 1960´s he was left alone by the authorities & was given back his work. The painting below was one of the most discussed paintings & he actually went to jail for 10 days because of it &  he wasn´t welcome in Germany. The picture is from 1936  & is a protest against the world war-illustrated as a grotesque reality.





The painting above is called ´The Day D´ & was painted during World War II & refers to June 6th 1944 where the alliance ( who later became UN & fought against Germany, Japan & Italy ) entered the Normandy to complete Operation Overlord who was meant to free Europe from the German invasions. It wasn´t possible to find a big enough picture of the painting to see the details, but we can see that the scene is sort of a terrible fight & a nightmare where no one has faces -just like the war where mankind reach for self-destruction.


sex-paralyseappeal 1936

Surrealists are also known for having humour & I couldn´t resist showing you this Wilhelm Freddie piece made in 1936. It´s a female bust with a firm hand on her head, a robe around her neck, to wine glasses & an erected penis on her cheek. He also went to jail for this piece. Imagine the balls he had to show this piece in 1936.

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4 thoughts on “Wilhelm Freddie – a Danish surrealist.

  1. caroline1t says:

    This is awesome! I love it. Surrealism is my favourite movement. Huge fan of Dali’s and now I have another artist to obsess about!

  2. shiroknowes says:

    Great works of a real artist only I have my doubts about the female bust, first I didn’t notice what was round her neck ,I thought of a neck less and than I looked better,……have to admit that it is a very particular piece !

    • monicaali says:

      yes, I was also wondering if there was something degrading about it & there probably is since it was made in 1936, but I couldn´t help finding it amusing. It reminded me of those drawings you would make on your passed out friends face in the young days. I´m sorry-I might be a little twisted ; )

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