Bomberjackets aren´t exactly new this time around, but I have this huge crush on green & black bomberjackets after seing my friend Yasmin Cruz wearing one. I forgot to take a photo of her wearing it-looks too cool. Swedish Fillipa K have them in her new collection, but unfortunately they are sooo expensive- about 350 dollars. I think I might go for a slightly cheaper version-vintage perhaps. But take a look at Fillipa K´s below.



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7 thoughts on “Bomberjackets

  1. Ms.Beltempo says:

    you are so right! Bombers are back!

  2. shiroknowes says:

    Love bombers, I remember when I had one and now they are back…can’t wait to buy one !

  3. caroline1t says:

    That’s a great jacket! I love them.

  4. Love the bomber jacket! My goal this spring is to find a cool vintage one!

  5. bombers are cool 😀 gives a girl a cute tomboy/ boyfriend’s clothes spice to their wardrobe 🙂

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