Four fast ones by Gina Tricot

When I lived in Sweden I could never find cute stuff at Gina Tricot-then I moved back to Denmark & a huge Gina Tricot store opened. Since then it got a little better every year & at the moment there are always something that I “need” at their store. Here are four cute items.


Gorgeous leggins.


Cute shorts ( not to be worn with heels if you ask me)


Cool bomberjacket



Comfy but pretty t-shirt

BTW the Copenhagen store is nice, but the one in Hyllie ( Malmø, Sweden) is better! If you live in Denmark-you can just jump on the train to Sweden & get off at the first stop in Sweden. There you´ll find Scandinavians biggest mall “Emporia”.


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6 thoughts on “Four fast ones by Gina Tricot

  1. I LOVE the Gina Tricot store in Copenhagen! It is soo much better than the ones we have in Norway (at least the ones I’ve been visiting)! That bomberjacket is so cool! I’ve seen it on the website before, but of course they don’t have it in the stores here…

    • monicaali says:

      Really?!! They should really step it up so that you can always count on a certain level. Like when you enter H&M-you know what to expect.

  2. caroline1t says:

    Love those shorts!!!

  3. A few years ago I travelled to Sweden, and loved this store…. Went back this fall for a friends wedding, and had a hard time finding anything …. I should go to the one you suggested!!

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