Zara are abusing their workers

We kind of know-don´t we? All of the stuff that have pricetags that are too good to be true are probably sewn by a kid or an adult that has to live on the factory for 50 cent & a bowl of rice a day. But we are not sure so we close our eyes, because we like to buy the nice stuff they made. Some have argument like:” Well it´s a way to keep people alive. If we didnt buy the stuff-they would have no bowl of rice.” But couldn´t we just pay what it costs to run the industry without abusing people, someone else would say. And the answer would be:” But then the production might move back to the West & then the fx Chinese workers have nothing at all.” It´s like choosing between the devil & the deep blue sea.  I do think though that when Zara are outsourcing their work-they should make sure that no one suffers. If that means that the consumer has to pay a little more-then so be it. I´m pretty sure that we will buy it anyway & feel better about it too.

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Such nice stuff-what end in this ethical dilemma do you choose? To buy or to pass?



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5 thoughts on “Zara are abusing their workers

  1. rox says:

    If the workers were paid a decent wage, they wouldn’t need to rely on the bowl of rice (sometimes, they don’t even get that). Next time you buy some fabulous item of clothing, check out the label, and ask yourself, or maybe even a worker at the store, did the person who made this get paid enough to eat? To send her kids to school? Does she get maternity leave? Is she harassed at work and can do nothing about it? Ask yourself if her job would be acceptable to you. People should receive the benefits of a days work, not be exploited.

  2. amaliqbal says:

    This is so interesting… I love Zara, and it would be so sad if this is actually true. I noticed in your post there were no links or sources for this claim. Can I ask where you read/heard this?

    Thanks so much for the post!

    Best wishes!

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