Honey I´m home/ Mr. Nelson Mandela is now home.

Hi you guys,

Lately I haven´t had much time for fashion, but recently friends have been encouraging me to start blogging again. So I´m back and we are gonna have some fun.

I will start by making everybody cry though. I can´t help writing a little bit about Mr. Nelson Mandela. Every time I see a picture or a Facebook status about Nelson Mandela, I feel like crying. I knew that he was about to leave this world since he was in his 90´s, but there is something sad about beautiful personalities leaving us even though I believe in life after death ( and no we shall not discuss that right now-haha). It´s funny how a person can touch your heart so much without ever meeting them-it´s not very rational is it? But in my feelings defense, I would say that a person that beat the odds and changed history like Mr. Mandela did, do deserve our love.


I really appreciate your ” I have a dream” speech. Hahahahaha.  I am sure Paris Hilton didn´t write that tweet, but it sure was funny and kind of evil as well to write it in her name.


9 thoughts on “Honey I´m home/ Mr. Nelson Mandela is now home.

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Hi Monica and it’s great to see you back and beautiful post, I’m crying too !

  2. molo says:

    I cannot wait to see the film about his life.

  3. shannon387 says:

    Nice post! I believe in life after death too! I think of it as a transition to glory! Merry christmas 🙂 Nelson Mandela left behind a great legacy, his message, the life he lived!

  4. molo says:

    Reblogged this on Omolo Architekt.

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