Are you cold?

Denmark is getting cold & I´m looking for the perfect jacket. The prices don´t really match my budget, but with the winter sales coming up I might get lucky.

Moncler Gamme sæl

Moncler Gamme Rouge

These two first styles from Moncler have a furprint. What a cute idea!


Moncler Bergenie


Moncler Aurone


These other two styles also by Moncler has a classic bouclé look, that you wont notice straight away that it´s a down jacket. Again, what a great idea!



Acne Rita Shearling Jacket


The last two lamb skin jackets by Acne studios is both warm and cool. If I could pick one of all these jackets it would be one of these. But of course they are by far the most expensive ones.

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6 thoughts on “Are you cold?

  1. SerachShiro says:

    The first one is so beautiful, I think I’m in love but I like also the others ! 🙂

  2. caroline says:

    I so love the lamb skin jackets. I’m dreaming of owning one! I also really love that first one, it looks so cozy yet stylish!

  3. I love the first jacket too and the Acne ones are quite tasty too.

  4. asavariwrites says:

    Why don’t you try buying the first one? It is so spunky!! I recently bought a red jacket from Woodland. Had to spice up the dull, dreary winters a bit. And im glad your are back. 😀

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