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I sometimes wish that I could get a lot of tattoes without it being a problem. But not only does it not fit my career-I know that I would get bored with them. It is so hard to find a piece of clothing that you would proudly wear in 20 years & tattoes are not that different. We can never know if we will love that Disney character, that rose or dragon for life. You chose it and now you wear it-& its pretty hard to get rid off. Can you even get rid off it??? As in gone without a scar? Instead I do admire the ladies that can carry them without it being a problem & hopefully without ending up hating them.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty ladies with tattoos

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Gorgeous photos and me too I was thinking to put a tattoo for such a long time only it didn’t happen for the same of these reason 🙂 !

    • monicaali says:

      For some people it is too big a decision. I understand. I have a single tattoo & I really wanted more, but since then I haven´t been able to decide. Now that I know that I will probably get a little bored with them I question myself whenever I feel like a new tattoo.

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