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It´s friday!!!!


Thats me today!!!! Looking forward to relaxing & having a lot of fun. Are you doing anything exiting this weekend? Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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It´s not you it´s me…

I have been really busy lately with a new job & some cool new projects. I am leaving for a while to give time to new things. Thank you all for visiting my blog my darlings. Wish you all a great summer!!!!







Favorite accessories at the moment

I promised a picture of my new Burberry crossbody bag & I thought I would also show you some other stuff that I like to wear at the moment. So here goes:


My new Burberry bag. Very classic & still contemporary.


Line & Jo earcuff.


Line & Jo spear earring. My favorite jewelry brand-Danish & Copenhagen based.



My friend Anne got me this brass dog tag for my birthday. It has my old zipcode on it ( where I was born & raised-& she lives there now ). Too cool!

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Happy birthday to me- I am no longer 33

Today is my birthday & like last year I will write one thing for each year that you probably didn´t know about me.

1: My first pet was a yellow budgerigar. His name was Skipper. A few days ago my mom dropped a bomb on me. Skipper didn´t fly away. My dad killed it by accident while I wasn´t home. My dad took his secret with him in the grave. Hahaha. They hurried out & bought me another yellow bird & my poor dad felt so bad.

2: I can always drink a cup of tea-with milk. Preferable is my mom´s shirchai ( shir means milk & chai is tea).

3: I have a big dragon tattoo on the left side of my body. I had it made in the late 90´s. I still like it, but at times I have thought-what the hell were you thinking?! A freakin dragon??? Why not a huge rose or a big ol´ ship?!!! I have come to peace with the fact that tattoo motives can´t be cool forever. Like fashion everything changes.

4: I am muslim-but I promise that I´m only terrorizing my credit card ; )

5: My great grandfather had several wives-I know-very exotic. Today it´s unusual for a man to have several wives, cause no women wants to put up with that. Good for them.

6: I wish my husband didn´t have an opinion about home decor. How great would it be if I could just choose & never compromise about furniture…

7: Motherhood really made me soft. I often feel like crying when watching “Cold Case” or “Extreme makeover-home edition”- hahaha.

8: The best thing about finishing my degree has been that I´ve been able to read stuff that I want to read. I haven´t done that for years, because I was always supposed to be studying.

9: I miss my babysis. Last year she married a Canadian & moved over there. It´s weird that she´s not around, but now I have the best excuse to go to Canada : )

10: As a parent I have to pick up the kids at their friends homes once in a while & I love it. I get to see so many beautiful homes.

11: I wish I had endless energy & time to learn more new stuff. Learn more languages, do more volunteer work, get another master degree, play instruments & so on.

12: I hate the feeling of always wanting more stuff. All those evil designers keep making more great stuff for me to want.

13: My husband & I made a deal not to spend any money on clothes unless we are traveling. Ouch! All four of us has too much clothes so it´s time to stop buying for now. But don´t worry I have so much cool new stuff in my closet that I haven´t shown you-so there is enough material for the blog-haha.

14: But birthdays are great for getting new stuff without spending! & my family gave me a trip to Paris-wiiii!!! Lucky me! & there I can shop a little Isabel Marant & such ; )

15: I am looking very much forward to spring. I miss sitting in what I like to call our front yard. It´s a public park called Kings garden ( King Christian the 4.´s former home is in the garden). It´s such a pretty place & there are little pretty gardens that you can enjoy in peace.

16: I´m allergic to furry animals. I have trouble breathing among them & my nose starts to run-very nice. The good thing is though that I have the best excuse to never get pets. Sorry kids ; )

17: I love the Kardashians. It´s kind of a no no to say that out loud here in Europe. But I can´t pick one favorite. They are all adorable.

18: I also love Zoey Deschanel. She is so cool & quirky. I had no idea that she is Bones´ sister. One day I was sitting thinking that she talks a little funny & that she sounds like someone else. & then it hit me-it´s Bones!!! They are sisters. Man they talk weird, but I like it.

19: If I was asked to make my own perfume. It would have notes of parsley in it. Uhm…it the best smell in the world.

20: I sometimes wonder about all the stories that will never be told. It´s weird that those with power decide what will be known as the truth or history.

21: I have never met anyone from my fathers side of the family. It bothers me a little. I can imagine that adopted people can feel very curious & annoyed that they don´t know their biological family. It´s weird & shouldn´t matter who our families are-when we´ve never met them. Never had the opportunity to meet them. But it still does.

22: My youngest daughter melted my heart yesterday when she told me, that she wants to be just like me.

23: Cherries might be my favorite fruit.

24: I love roasted hazelnuts.

25: I can´t figure out why there aren´t any Danish dodgeball federation. Everybody loves dodgeball!!!

26: At the moment I´m reading Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. He is such a great writer.

27: The first boy band I liked as a kid was Bros. Do any of you guys remember them?

28: I have never really been fascinated by actors, but I had a huge crush on Edward Furlong who is mostly known for Terminator 2.

29: I´m looking forward to eating fresh peas this summer with my children.

30: I think that everybody should have a duvet. Up here in the cold north we all have one & can´t live without them. I always miss mine when I´m in other countries.

31: This time at Copenhagen fashionweek I saw the most beautiful navy coat. I was ankle long, wool & by Carin Wester. I want….

32: I love that you never know which fading brand will rise again. Right now I´m thinking Carven, Adidas & Kenzo. And a couple of years ago Céline.

33: I am getting really tired of dogshit all over the city. People were really good for some years, but now they have gotten lazy. It´s disgusting.

34: Friends are one of my all time favorite shows.

1 year anniversary!!!

Just realized that my blog is now a year old-yeah! When I started I had no idea how much work it is & that I wouldn´t have time to read other blogs as much, but you readers are so motivating-so thank you for stopping by when you have the time & for all your comments!!!

I would post some pics of pretty balloons, but I´m not home this weekend & the computer I´m sitting at is acting a fool ; )

I have more pictures coming up from fashion week the next couple of days. Thanks again for following me here it really means a bunch!!!! Love to all you darlings!!!!


Can´t help feeling a little proud


I don´t think I´ve ever mentioned that I work voluntarily for an NGO  called Bedre Psykiatri Ungdom that works to improve psychiatry & tries to break down taboos & the stigma that you can end up facing if you get an mental illness or have a sick family member. It´s such a great cause since it´s so common, but still a taboo. We are a small team within the organisation that makes a magazine. I am one of the & editors & this month our first mag came out. It´s in Danish, so if you live in Dk you can order the magazine for free here or you can find it at a school, library or the doctors office.



My name under editorial staff for the first time : )



Editorial by Mette Høyer & yours truly.

If you live in Denmark & have a story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. You can write to us here.

Enjoy your sunday!

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Icelandic streetart

When I met my husband I had no idea what kind of country Iceland was. All I know is that I never thought about going there until I met him. A country which was once colonized by Denmark, this very small population but such a big country, known for wearing woolen sweaters. I had no idea & I still kind of don´t, but it´s lovely & I have so much to discover up there. I go there at least once a year & I was recently there. This time we only stayed in Reykjavik were my in laws have an apartment. It was really cold so I wasn´t carrying my camera around very much, but I knew that I wanted to show you guys a little streetart so here we go:


I love this mountain on top of the building. It´s not easy to catch in a picture, but it´s made of some small shiny mosaic-like parts that catches the light. I looks awesome.


It´s a little easier to see here.


This spot is right next to the “mountain” wall. Love the raw look.


Cool characters & as you can see they characters are huge…& creepy.


Notice the first floor piece. Some naked guys & a painting. So clever. This is one of the things that I adore about streetart.


Oh & I do have to share my view from our place. How cool is that! I get stoked every time I see the mountains, which is all the time we are here since they surround Reykjavik. But I find them so beautiful. Probably mainly because Denmark is so flat. Really-there are no mountains at all. That´s why we can bike everywhere-haha.

Have a great day everyone!

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Haruki Murakami´s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle



Hi darlings! I sure missed you guys while resting with the family! I did have a great time though. Did you have a great christmas & a happy new year? Hope you got some great christmas presents-maybe fashionable also? I will show you what I got soon. First I have to share with you this book I just finished. I like to unwind with a good book & this one is by Haruki Murakami, which is a Japanese author. Luckily for all of us much of his work has been translated to English & other languages. If you don´t know him you might love his stuff if you are into magic realism.  He masters the genre by being very humoristic, intriguing & very surreal. If you are Danish you can read the text in the second picture & if not you can visit your local library to read it.  Without giving too much away its main character is a young man named Toru Okada whose cat disappeared. His wife suggests that he talks to a psychic about the cat & from here it all changes very drastic.  His wife leaves him without him (or me) seeing it coming & he starts to get very weird telephone calls. Throughout the book dots are connected & you get a sense of every action affects something you never realized could be affected. Kind of like the butterfly effect I guess-you know the one that says that if If a butterfly flaps its wings, it could be causing a tornado somewhere else. Anyway I really enjoyed it. Maybe you also will : )

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This weekend I went to Sweden…


I lived in Sweden for two years & ofcourse I like to go back once in a while. & there are some stuff that I have to bring home with me. I always buy plenty of Ramlösa with different flavors. In Denmark we only have the regular carbonated water & the citrus one-& they are expensive, but in Sweden you can´t get about ten different flavors & different brands as well that have more flavors. I love the apple & also the mango flavor.

In the black paperbag is my “lös godis” which means candy that you mix yourself. Again a lot of stores in Sweden has a whole wall full of different candies & the prize is really good.

Blueberry soup is also important-can´t be bought in Danish supermarkets & it´s sooo good!

I also bought the new Läkarol YUP gummies. They are without sugar, but ofcourse filled with some crappy sweeteners, but they are pretty tasty.

I´m a huge tea-drinker & Sweden has cheap & really good tea (no it´s not local ; )-but the brand is Swedish). This time I bought two types of green tea-one with vanilla flavor & the other one is mango. & I always keep a stash of the African red bush tea with lemongrass & cornflower flavor-it´s delicious.

& I had to get a Styleby magazine. It´s famous blogger Elin Klings magazine & the amazing Columbine Smille ( whom I was lucky to meet a couple of weeks ago-you can see pictures from the event here.) is the fashioneditor I have the app so I can read on my Ipad, but this is the first physical copy-yeah!

What did you guys do this weekend?

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Around my place




I felt like showing you little glimpses of my home. The first picture is in one of the childrens room. The curtains are from Marimekko & I actually spotted them in Sex & the City the movie where Carrie also has these curtains in her home. We also have them in the other kids room in red. I love that they are a little piece of art with a lot of funny details. The mobile was bought in Turkey on a locale market. Love Turkey.



Another mobile made in wood. It was a present from two of my best friends when my oldest was born. Above is a postcard that I bought at a museum called Davids Samling/Davids Collection. It´s an old mosaic from Isfahan in Iran.


A small poster from the British Museum´s “Afghanistan” exhibition.




These two bowl were a wedding gift. They are from an Icelandic brand called “Kogga”. They make beautiful stuff & it´s also familybusiness.



Virgin Mary, bought in a Greek Orthodox convent on a small Greek Island. The convent was very charming & was up in the mountains.



Mumin pillow. I love that their universe is a bit dark. I bought in in Reykjavik, Iceland.



Frida Kahlo is hanging out. I bought her in Strand bookstore in NY just by Union Square. I love that bookstore.



Buddha. I love little religious symbols. I would love to say that it was bought in India, but I actually also bought this one in New York at Daffy´s-haha.



Molotow pencils. It looks so cool when you write or draw with them.




It´s me! A drawing by Sara Stilling. I love it. It was a birthday gift from Sara.


Fatimas hand & the eye that protects from “jin” aka demons also bought on a local market in Turkey & another postcard from Davids Samling/Davids Collection. It´s a miniaturepainting from India.


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