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Kincks new video has premiered!!! The song is called ” This Beat”

Late last year I was hanging around between concrete buildings. I don´t usually hang around outside, but the bubbly, beautiful, loveable & badass singer Kinck aka Stine Kinck was shooting her new video for her cool song “This Beat”. I was part of her squad of girls & it was a lot of fun. Now the video is finally here. Made by award winning Amdi Niss-Espinoza ( won a Danish music award this year for Shaka Loveless´ video “Tomgang” ).


Kinck is also part of DR´s ( Danish state television) ´Karrierekanonen´ which is a competition that promotes bands & singers with great potential. Those who read Danish can read more here & everyone can listen to the music same place.

The video is at youtube. Press here to view it. You might recognize me-I´m laughing in a quick blurry shot. But do watch the video as Kinck is too cool!

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Wilhelm Freddie – a Danish surrealist.

Wilhelm Freddie´s (1909-1995) art was once not accepted at all for the first many decades of his career. His art was quite different from the norm & was seen as quite bizarre & pornographic. And not only was he like many surrealists known for expressing unconscious desire, but he was also one of the few with an ideological & a moral content. He was indeed Danish arts ´enfant terrible´.

He was an autodidact painter, which I find quite amazing given his work. He was frequently harassed by the authorities & some of his work was confiscated. It wasn´t until the 1960´s he was left alone by the authorities & was given back his work. The painting below was one of the most discussed paintings & he actually went to jail for 10 days because of it &  he wasn´t welcome in Germany. The picture is from 1936  & is a protest against the world war-illustrated as a grotesque reality.





The painting above is called ´The Day D´ & was painted during World War II & refers to June 6th 1944 where the alliance ( who later became UN & fought against Germany, Japan & Italy ) entered the Normandy to complete Operation Overlord who was meant to free Europe from the German invasions. It wasn´t possible to find a big enough picture of the painting to see the details, but we can see that the scene is sort of a terrible fight & a nightmare where no one has faces -just like the war where mankind reach for self-destruction.


sex-paralyseappeal 1936

Surrealists are also known for having humour & I couldn´t resist showing you this Wilhelm Freddie piece made in 1936. It´s a female bust with a firm hand on her head, a robe around her neck, to wine glasses & an erected penis on her cheek. He also went to jail for this piece. Imagine the balls he had to show this piece in 1936.

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A little art that makes you reflect.

I live down the road from the National Gallery of Denmark ( Statens Museum for Kunst) & this weekend I took my kids there to see some art. The museum has old treasures from past centuries & new art. The museum itself is a historic building that was built too small so now it has merged with a new very modern building. It´s a very inspiring place that I can only recommend you to visit. I took a few shots of this cool patchwork art piece. I really liked the quotes that for me referred to the norms of one person isn´t universal. Fx. when I enjoy not wearing a hijab or niqab ( muslim scarf & burqa-like dress) it doesn´t mean that everyone would enjoy my kind of freedom. It´s not a universal law that applies to everyone. So stop putting your norms down others throats-you probably wouldn´t like it the other way round.







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Barbara I Gongini AW13 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Last night I attended Barbara I Gongini´s show. As usual it was very dark, a lot of layers and very detailed. I love how her clothes look on the models when they move. Unfortunately it´s hard to really catch on camera & the music she uses is really cool as well. Awesome show & there are a lot of her stuff that I would love to own that I would style with other items to make it mine.






Barbara i Gongini02 Barbara i Gongini03 Barbara i Gongini05 Barbara i Gongini07 Barbara i Gongini09 Barbara i Gongini12 Barbara i Gongini24 Barbara i Gongini28 Barbara i Gongini35

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Icelandic streetart

When I met my husband I had no idea what kind of country Iceland was. All I know is that I never thought about going there until I met him. A country which was once colonized by Denmark, this very small population but such a big country, known for wearing woolen sweaters. I had no idea & I still kind of don´t, but it´s lovely & I have so much to discover up there. I go there at least once a year & I was recently there. This time we only stayed in Reykjavik were my in laws have an apartment. It was really cold so I wasn´t carrying my camera around very much, but I knew that I wanted to show you guys a little streetart so here we go:


I love this mountain on top of the building. It´s not easy to catch in a picture, but it´s made of some small shiny mosaic-like parts that catches the light. I looks awesome.


It´s a little easier to see here.


This spot is right next to the “mountain” wall. Love the raw look.


Cool characters & as you can see they characters are huge…& creepy.


Notice the first floor piece. Some naked guys & a painting. So clever. This is one of the things that I adore about streetart.


Oh & I do have to share my view from our place. How cool is that! I get stoked every time I see the mountains, which is all the time we are here since they surround Reykjavik. But I find them so beautiful. Probably mainly because Denmark is so flat. Really-there are no mountains at all. That´s why we can bike everywhere-haha.

Have a great day everyone!

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Illustrations by Theresa Junker


I thought you should see these great illustrations by Theresa Junker. I love her work since   it´s beautiful & fun-just like the artist. Theresa & I went to highschool together & she was one of the reasons that enjoyed my highschool years. She is hilarious & loveable.

Bear & fox with saw

Love how sneaky the fox looks with the hat.



LOL-notice the upper sock. Cracks me up.

Pattern badger & cat

If you like Theresa´s work you can buy it at right here.

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The last home decor post for now…

I recently saw these cool things when I was out shopping for christmas gifts. I keep finding stuff that will fit nicely in my home, but I don´t give in all the time. It´s not like I´m made of money ; )

candlesticklady lysestage Birdinwonderlandstevejohnson

The surreal candlesticks by Steve Johnson are so pretty, but they are quite pricey.

catch_a_faaling_star Jielde lampe

Would love to own this lamp. I like that it has a industrial rough look. It´s from Fil de Fer.



A showcase. It´s so cool. It´s small-about 30 cm tall. I have no idea what to put in it though. There is not very much that will fit in it…

Do you end up buying stuff for yourselves when you go christmas shopping?

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New art -yeah!!!

signeThis is what I have been talking about. Now it´s home & I´m loving it. It´s made from beads. It reminds me of my childhood, it reminds me of martial arts which I love & it reminds me of Signe Breum-my friend who created it. It makes me smile & that is a quality I like in art. Not every piece of art has to be funny, but I do appreciate humour. & I think my husband appreciate this kind of art as well since I also have a thing for old Asian & Middleeastern art-which is a lot of gardens & men with turbans-LOL.


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Tomorrow at B56

To those of you that live in Copenhagen you have a unique opportunity to go to the cute shop B56 in Bredgade 56 at 3 o´clock to buy illustrations & posters by designer Anne Sofie Madsen. I would so love to go, but I just bought a piece of art by Signe Breum that I will show you soon. For those who don´t know Anne Sofie Madsens work you can see more here, here & here.

& here are some examples of her illustrations.



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Take a look inside this home


This livingroom is located in Rio de Janeiro & belongs to designers Cris & Marcelo Rosenbaum. Their style is very boheme with plenty of designer items. I always enjoy when others have a lot of color in their home & when clash is part of the style. Furniture don´t always have to match if you ask me.







What every kid wants-a high bed & this one is the coolest.



It´s a closet decorated with a colorful world.






Lovely don´t you think? I like that not all the rooms are “noisy” with color & stuff that are piled up, but that some are.

All pictures are from the phenomenal page theSelby. You can visit them here.

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