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Pretty ladies with tattoos tat







I sometimes wish that I could get a lot of tattoes without it being a problem. But not only does it not fit my career-I know that I would get bored with them. It is so hard to find a piece of clothing that you would proudly wear in 20 years & tattoes are not that different. We can never know if we will love that Disney character, that rose or dragon for life. You chose it and now you wear it-& its pretty hard to get rid off. Can you even get rid off it??? As in gone without a scar? Instead I do admire the ladies that can carry them without it being a problem & hopefully without ending up hating them.

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New in

My in laws just came back from Rome & luckily for me they brought me something from one of Italy´s finest design. My favorite brand for kitchen items is Italian Alessi & my dear in laws remembered & got me this:

alessi1 alessi

Looks so small in this picture…hmmm it´s not.



And how did they know that I just finished my last Eight hour stick?!!! I have great in laws!


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Beautiful hair

A ballerina bun is always chic.


images-1 images-2


Heidi Klum & others looking amazing with a wet slick look.


Wouldn´t you love hair this curly?!


Can you sense that I´m slightly obsessed with the sleek hairlook? Anja Rubik looks so cool with her wet hairdo.


Keri Russell with ballerina bun & lovely messy curls.

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A little MAC makeup

I have never been very much into makeup-I like it, but I´m not exactly the kind of girl that have been buying makeup books & endlessly tried to master a smokey eye. I must admit that I´m fascinated by makeup artists work though & since my sister has been showing me this makeup universe on youtube I do occasionally stop by to try to learn something I´ve seen. But it´s like I´m always missing a tool or some makeup thingy that I didn´t know existed. So when I recently saw a MAC store that also had pro products I forced myself in there ( always too crowded for me, but they are the best & so very helpful ).



& I actually bought something.



I saw Sara Rostrup- a makeup artist who has a blog called youblush, which you can find here – on her blog wearing this cool blue eyeliner called Chromagraphic pencil & I thought would go for some of those eyeliners. They are MAC pro so they can´t be purchased everywere. I also got two lipsticks & lip pencils.




Fusion pink which is also a MAC Pro product & Morange. The lip pencils to match are called Embrace Me & What A Blast.



Sorry about the mugshots. I don´t know why I look so glum-haha. I have been watching a little too much E! & I saw Khloé Kardashian wearing a very bright pink lipstick & since she looked so awesome I decided to try as well. I´m no makeup oracle, but do remember a lip liner-otherwise you might end up looking like Krusty the clown.



Here I´m wearing one of the Chromagraphic pencils. It´s called Hi Def Cyan. It was really hard to choose between all the great colors. I got two more though, but kept it more natural with a white & a nude.

Hope all of you have a great weekend!

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Great hair

I don´t have any good tips regarding great hair. I don´t have the patience to style my hair for more than one minute a day & I never buy the new fancy hairproduct & overprized pighair hairbrushes. Maybe it´s because I´m lucky to have thick black hair, because I can use any shampoo & it looks the same. The only thing is that my hair can be like barbed wire & I have to use a lot of wax to make it look flat. Right now my undercut  & bangs are growing out-that does not look too cool to say the least. My sides looks like a hedgehog. Since I´m kind of tired of looking at my not so awesome hair I found pic´s of pretty cool hairstyles. Have a look & tell me which you like.

arizona bambi-northwood-blyth solangeknowles wethair

I want this hair. It needs a lot of products though, but it looks so cool. The picture is from a Bumble & Bumble campaign.


Great look. The picture is from a Davines campaign.

fashion gone rogue

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It´s interesting how eyebrows can change your whole look. Myself I am into thick brows, but I also love the bleached look. It´s adds something unexplainable to your look & it goes with every haircolor if you ask me.


Ali Michael

Bambi Northwood-Blyth & her legendary brows


Photo from StyleBistro by Lauren Frankfort


Kate Winslet



Model at the Gucci show aw12



This girl looks so fragile with the bleached brows & others look quite powerful. Like the pretty makeup artist below.



Hope you all have a great sunday!

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Tabernacle Twins SS13- Copenhagen Fashion Week


Love their hair!



The duo Electric Lady Lab in the front row.



My good friend Yasmin ( from ) & I went to see the Tabernacle Twins show. As you can see our seats were perfect for taking good shots.



Through out the show there were “twins”. It worked really well because of hair, makeup & the printed clothes.



These suits are sooo cute, but if we are wearing these next summer-we should stop eating right now-LOL





The colors were a real treat. Love this dress.



I am thinking matador-such a cool outfit.



I loved all the flowy outfits. We are going to see a lot of it next summer-not bad at all!



I like the longer lengths for next summer. Beautiful & comfy.



Lovely hair & makeup.







Here we have the final outfit & designer Vibe Lundemark. This was one of my favorite shows indeed & kept in the Tabernacle Twins spirit with plenty of colors & print. I definitely need some of these for next spring.

Oh & btw my husband & I have been married for 10 years today!!! I still can´t believe it. I am  one lucky girl!


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Model & photographer Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen is a Copenhagen darling. We like to claim her as she grew up here & her family still lives here so she is quite often here. Her mother & sister used to have two shops near one of oldest kids pre-school. Her mother had a vintage store & here you could buy Helenas not so old clothes. Her mother & sister are such nice people so I bet Helena is not very different from them.

Here she is with her mom.

Helena Christensen is known for her great sense of style. She likes to mix with vintage items a lot & she always looks gorgeous.

A very young Helena

We all know her from Chris Isaak´s “Wicked Game” video.

With her son Mingus

Love this picture!

Tomorrow we will have a peak into her New York home. Do I have to mention that I love her home?

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At the moment cat eyes are IT & liquid eyeliner is everywhere. So I found this for inspiration & thought  I would share.

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Daphne Guinness

I admire Daphne Guiness way of dressing. She never leaves her home in a relaxed outfit. I bet she doesn´t even own a tracksuit. Amours seems to be a source of inspiration for her. I also love her signature blond hair with a big black stripe. Kind of reminds me of Pepe le pew-haha.. She is a big haute couture collector & part of her collection is now auctioned at Christie´s in London. The proceeds will be donated to the Isabella Blow foundation, which is such a great cause since it support emerging talents in arts & fashion. Actually part of Daphne Guinness´s collection was Isabella Blow´s, but Daphne Guinness purchased her entire wardrobe when she died to keep it from decaying.

These pictures reminds me that it´s nice to dress up once in a while. It feels so good-don´t you think? Tomorrow I will stay in the haute couture world & write a bit on Isabella Blow.

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