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Dreaming of Havana

I have never been to Cuba, but I´m certainly going some day. Looks so beautiful-don´t you agree?

Havana1 Havana2 havana3 Havana4


Not perfect at all, but it looks like it has soul.

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A little…(ok a lot) new wardrobe yum for my closet…

I just came home from Spain. I needed some sun & luckily we were able to stay at a family friend´s vacation home just above North Africa. So I got all the sun I needed & then some. I even got to visit a friend who lives in Albir. So good seeing her & the place she now lives. The kids wanted to go to the beach all the time, which is not my favorite at all-I get bored. Luckily there were several bigger cities around so I could do some shopping. & as you might know Zara is Spanish & since they had great sales I couldn´t help buying stuff I need in my wardrobe-YUM!

Here are some pics

I love this polka dot shirt with the zipper. It will spice up some shorts or pants & I will wear it will sneakers or high heels. I also bought in in black.

I needed some bouclé like jackets & I love the back of this one. I will style them with jeans & heels.

I was happy to find this one on sale. I had been looking at it in Copenhagen, but at the time i wasn´t willing to pay 900 DKK, which is 120 Euros or 150 US dollars. In Spain I got it for 30 Euro´s-how cool is that!

These I will wear as necklaces.

Stripes are always good in my book. The dress is from Mango.

I love this nude color & the pearls will look really good with some more edgy items like a leatherjacket or a cap & sneakers.

As everybody else I love fringes & I love wedges so this is a win win.

I saw this dress on one of my best dressed friends & fell in love with it. Of course she bought it on one of her many travels. But luckily it was waiting for me in Spain. Now I just have to not wear it when we meet up-we don´t want to look like teenagers or uniformed ; ) The dress is from Mango.

The last jacket I bought. It looks quite conservative, but with the right worn out jeans it will be perfect.

Miss those palm trees!

Tomorrow Copenhagen fashion week kicks off & I am looking forward to all the shows. I will of course capture some moments from all shows & events & write about them. It´s going to be a great week!

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More pretty stuff in Copenhagen

A couple of days ago I met up with a friend I studied with at the university. We met at my local library, which is also the central library in Copenhagen. It has just recently been renovated & is now more cool than ever. Have a look inside:

There are several floors & a lot of nice places to hang out while reading, studying or playing with your kids. There are even instruments you can play without bothering other guests.

Loving the ceiling.

Nice furniture

Eames chairs & chunky black hard wood tables.

Outside you can park your bike & here a cool girl is also waiting.

Across the street is a synagoge. The conservative jews use this one. It has also just been renovated. It´s very beautiful inside.

As you can see the synagoge is a few meters behind the neighboring building. This is because buildings that represent religious minorities are not allowed to be as visible as the protestant churches. But as you can see the synagoge is far from invisible even though it´s 5 meters behind the other buildings.

The same street has a lot of cool shops. This is the entrance of Henrik Vibskovs shop & you can also find great shops like “Another Nué”, Carhartt & the cool vintage store “Times up”.

So as you can see this is a street worth visiting if you are in Copenhagen. The library is the place to have a nice break. Here you can sit down & rest your feet, use the restroom, read a international magazines & newspapers without paying. & the surroundings are beautiful-& there is a café is you need a bite or a cup of tea.

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Northern Copenhagen streetart

Some time ago I went for a walk in my old hood. It´s the place for young artist & cool shops & a lot of streetart. It is also sort of a rough place, but if you live there – you don´t really notice it. When I grew up it was a working class neighborhood & slowly with the globalization a lot of refugees and foreign workers from Asia, the Middleeast & Africa came moved in. The northern part slowly transformed with all the new entrepreneurs. Like a lot of other countries some minorities had the same sort of shops. Fx here a lot of people from the Pakistani minority have newsstands, Turkish immigrants have pizzabakeries, Arabic immigrants seem to be butchers, hairdressers & greengrocers. I love it, because a lot of things are so much easier now. I remember the days where we used to go to other parts of Copenhagen to get good prices on meat & vegetables. This part of Copenhagen is very much alive all the time. I took a few pictures of some art & some weird toys also caught my eye. Have a look : )

Tosomhed means being two together & not being alone.  I like this a lot. Notice how high it is on the wall. Graffiti painters often like to take risks & paint in places that seems impossible to reach. It always makes me go “Wow!” & it gets to stay for a long time, because it´s up there.

See the dinosaur? Makes me smile every time I see it.

What the hell is that?! A babyhead stuck on a dinosaurs body?!!!

And another weird toy. Creepy toy.

The metro is being expanded the next 6 years & people are mostly pissed because they chose to close half of the city park down to build it. But they have put up some fun art to make up for it. They are miniatures of buildings from the neighborhood. I especially love that they made a miniature of what was called “Ungdomshuset”. It was torn down about 5 years ago, but was a place for young people that took over this house that no one used. They had a lot of concerts & a lot of political activity going on. A lot of people love them because they dare to be different & rebel & a lot of people hate them because they attract troublemakers-they are fx known for smashing a lot of windows.

& oh-do you see the red brick building with the white windows & grey dish antennas? I could not help laughing seeing this building. A friend of mine grew up there & it looks ridiculous with all the antennas. He explained that a lot of his neighbors are immigrants who wants to be able to watch tv from their homeland & it´s very prestitugious to own an antenna instead of sharing one with your neighbors. Hahahaha. I find that sooo funny & aparently I am not the only one.

Here is also a house called Stengade 30 where I used to spend a lot of time. I used to go to a lot of hip hop jams in my young days. I was also a place that hosted tons of metalconcerts & a lot of people from “Ungdomshuset” used to come as well. It was not a place for the social norm as it was pretty beat up & a subcultural thing.

Here you see a nightclub called Rust. I have been there hundreds of times. They use to host a lot of concerts.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I was very inspired by the city that day. If you are from Copenhagen you should definitely check it out. Hope you all get to have a nice & lazy sunday!

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La Glace…more cake, more Copenhagen!

Last month my daughter earned her childrens black belt in taekwondo & we ofcourse wanted to celebrate her. She has great taste & chose to go to La Glace. It´s this adorable  time capsule from year 1870 with these luxurious cakes in layers & lot´s of tea. It´s located at the walking street also known as Strøget.

All kinds of people at all ages come here. I recommend the “Sportscake”-not sure why it´s called that. It´s quite heavy : )

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Serenity cupcakes

A couple of days ago I visited this cute little store in my neighborhood called Serenity cupcakes. Here in Copenhagen, cupcakes were suddenly the new black & I didn´t really get it, because I haven´t been into the frosting-they are pretty though. Anyway I ended up at Serenity cupcakes & it was soooo good! Even the frosting was delicious. I had a chocolate cupcake with oreofilling & my kid had one with liquorish. I had a great cup of rhubarb green tea from AC Perch´s ( great tea company) to go with it & it was served in a white fluted thermal cup from Royal Copenhagen-I realized that I really needed some of those-haha. Anyway the service was great & I can highly recommend it if you live in Denmark or are visiting Copenhagen. It was like Sofia Coppola created it…

They also sell stuff for childrens birthday parties.

The trained eye can tell that it is located in Grønnegade 32 right across from Pure Shop & Kassandra. If you are a tourist this street is sort of a must. Here you can visit stores like Karen by Simonsen, Wood Wood, Louboutin, Ordning & Reda, Kartell & Blomsterberg chocolate..

I know!!!!!

This corner should move into my place.

Love the striped wallpaper. For more info on Serenity cupcakes look here.

Oh! And the cup can be purchased right here.

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More US shopping

I sensed you liked it so I decided to write a little more about shopping wisely in the US.

Picture from Premium Outlet in Orlando Florida-I tried to capture the mallcop on his segway.

What husband & I always do is to go to Premium Outlet´s website. Here you can see where  the nearest outlet ( often there are several nearby) is located. Premium Outlet´s are little “towns”. There are a lot of stores in each outlet. Ofcourse the american brands are the cheapest so you can save a lot of money on brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors & BCBG Max Azria. But they also have a lot of european brands like Burberry, Prada, Etro, Marni, Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange where you pay a lot less than in their usual stores. The reason that it is so cheap is that the brands own the stores so they do not have to share the profit with anyone else & in US they tend to focus on selling more for less. That means that the stores look like a normal store & not a huge mess with a million different styles. Premium Outlets are also in Europe now & around the world ( they are usually not as good as the american ones ). You can check it out here.

Here I am outside the Ralph Lauren store at an Orlando Premium Outlet last month. Don´t I look truly happy?!!! Hahaha

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If you are going to the US…

This is for the non-americanos-cause it is old news to you. Often when danish people travel in the US, they go to stores that they have seen in movies like Macy´s, Saks & Barneys. But these stores are expensive compared to what you can find in the US. My advice is to rent a car so your mobility isn´t limited, becase a lot of the good stores are located near the highways. Stores called TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Ross- you will love. They have everything from shoes to kitchen items. They sell different brands but for much less. Here are some of the beautystuff i bought.

Redken shampoo 1 liter & conditioner 1 liter 30 $. In Denmark I would pay 70 $ for the shampoo & another 70 $ for the conditioner.

Shiseido Benefiance balancing daytime protective emulsion 25 $  & Shiseido Benefiance balancing softener lotion adoucissante  20 $. In danish stores I would pay what would  be 130 $ & 90 $.

MOR soaps. They are so pretty & smell great. I paid 7 $ pr. soap -on their webshop they are 15 $ & in Denmark they are 24 $.

As you can see I saved a lot on these items. I also bought  a box containing two OPI  nailpolish´ for 10 $ & four small Essie ones for 10 $ also. And that was just the beauty department.

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