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New in

My in laws just came back from Rome & luckily for me they brought me something from one of Italy´s finest design. My favorite brand for kitchen items is Italian Alessi & my dear in laws remembered & got me this:

alessi1 alessi

Looks so small in this picture…hmmm it´s not.



And how did they know that I just finished my last Eight hour stick?!!! I have great in laws!


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A little something for the home


This hedgehog paper clip magnet by Alessi will suit any desk & add a little fun.



Antistress ball x 4-creepy in a good way



This Bambi lamp is ofcourse cute in your kids room, but if you are a child at heart & very girly you might love this one for yourself. I know I would even if it´s man repelling ; ) But I would keep it away from the bedroom-or it will get a little too annoying & sweet.


You can also tone it a little down & choose this bunny instead.



Cool wallpaper that will add an edge & add an eastern feeling to my very Scandinavian home.



Cherries are cool & pretty. This one is a toiletbrush!



Since toiletbrushes are always dull this cherrytoiletbrush could be a nice solution for my home.



This candleholder is called endless lightning. It will add an instant cosy feeling.



Too add the library feeling at home & keep the paper from being a mess. By Alessi



For your files or magazines from NoMess



Normann couch-I love it in navy.



Another couch I would like to own.



Urbania candleholders.

Which do you like? All the stuff are from areastore.dk & designdelicatessen.dk

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A little something new for the home

         handjob (yes for real that is their name)

Drop it-coathangers from Normann Copenhagen

Mumin from Arabia

For your egg in the morning -haha

Birdfeeder for your window-I like the idea-I would love to watch the little birds eat

Aren´t these funny!!! I love a little humor in my home.

I can´t stand war & violence but this is kind of silly-for candles

I am a huge Alessi fan-I like that the design is beautiful or fun.

crystal honeyjar from Alessi

For the tub-hehe


Mumin Arabia-this is Stinky

Royal Copenhagen-this is from the serie called Elements-it is ofcourse handpainted.

What are your favorites?


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