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Are you cold?

Denmark is getting cold & I´m looking for the perfect jacket. The prices don´t really match my budget, but with the winter sales coming up I might get lucky.

Moncler Gamme sæl

Moncler Gamme Rouge

These two first styles from Moncler have a furprint. What a cute idea!


Moncler Bergenie


Moncler Aurone


These other two styles also by Moncler has a classic bouclé look, that you wont notice straight away that it´s a down jacket. Again, what a great idea!



Acne Rita Shearling Jacket


The last two lamb skin jackets by Acne studios is both warm and cool. If I could pick one of all these jackets it would be one of these. But of course they are by far the most expensive ones.

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The weekend in pictures

Hi Guys!

I have been caught up in a lot of work, but now I´m back with some pictures from this past weekend.


I went to a demo that had the message that we in Denmark are able to take care of the 200 or more refugees from Afghanistan that the government are about to deport. It is so inhuman & a violation against the UN human rights. These people are in danger & did not arrive here by airplane og a nice cruise. God knows what these people have been through to get to Scandinavia…


I also went to my favorite cupcake place ( I´m not really into cupcakes, but these are something special) Serenity Cupcakes. The owner is such a sweetheart & the place is so cute. There are nice china & always fresh fashion magazines.



I was wearing my new white Nike Airmax & a Zara skirt I bought last summer.

945420_10151920932104768_167479841_n 217049_10151920931354768_72414319_n

My hair is growing rapidly & I can now have a ponytail. Here I´m wearing MAC morange lipstick.



Saturday night I went to a blockparty in a cool street in my old hood. As I walked home I saw this tree that had these amazing big flower buds. Today I saw they are in full bloom. Beautiful!!!

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Four fast ones by Gina Tricot

When I lived in Sweden I could never find cute stuff at Gina Tricot-then I moved back to Denmark & a huge Gina Tricot store opened. Since then it got a little better every year & at the moment there are always something that I “need” at their store. Here are four cute items.


Gorgeous leggins.


Cute shorts ( not to be worn with heels if you ask me)


Cool bomberjacket



Comfy but pretty t-shirt

BTW the Copenhagen store is nice, but the one in Hyllie ( Malmø, Sweden) is better! If you live in Denmark-you can just jump on the train to Sweden & get off at the first stop in Sweden. There you´ll find Scandinavians biggest mall “Emporia”.


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Can´t help feeling a little proud


I don´t think I´ve ever mentioned that I work voluntarily for an NGO  called Bedre Psykiatri Ungdom that works to improve psychiatry & tries to break down taboos & the stigma that you can end up facing if you get an mental illness or have a sick family member. It´s such a great cause since it´s so common, but still a taboo. We are a small team within the organisation that makes a magazine. I am one of the & editors & this month our first mag came out. It´s in Danish, so if you live in Dk you can order the magazine for free here or you can find it at a school, library or the doctors office.



My name under editorial staff for the first time : )



Editorial by Mette Høyer & yours truly.

If you live in Denmark & have a story you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. You can write to us here.

Enjoy your sunday!

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Our new bookshelf

My husband & his dad made this huge bookshelf in our home. I painted it-which took forever, but I am loving the result. Books are useful for knowledge, but also for decoration in my opinion. I have not been buying books for ages, because there were no place to put them. & last summer there was a flood in Denmark & most of my books drowned, but now I can go hunting for books again! Yeah!

Sort of empty right now, but that will quickly change.

A cute box & some notebooks.

We also made room for our turntables.

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Sephora-now in Copenhagen

The beautychain Sephora opened recently here in Copenhagen. It´s really refreshing with all the new brands, they don´t sell Nars though, but I am not complaining ; )

Yesterday there was an event going on with models being bodypainted-tourists were glued to the window, watching the beautifully painted topless ladies. The makeup artists were doing party makeup on every volunteer. It was a lot of fun.

I took a couple of pictures for you to see

Gorgeous girl with great style.

Love her makeup.


Man getting bodypainted

Alienesque beauty

Makeup forever was behind the bodypaint.

& some great news: Sephora just confirmed that they will be opening more stores in Denmark this year.

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Coachella outfits/ Music festival outfits

Denmark is still way to cold to even begin to think about festival outfits, but this years Coachella festival made me think & dream a bit about summer & festival. As I wrote earlier here, I have only been to a musicfestival once & that was Denmarks biggest festival: Roskilde Festival. It was so much fun. I would like to go again this year & probably be inspired by some of these outfits from Coachella this year.

Chanel Iman & friend. I love her friends flowy comfy pants.

Aimee Song, blogger from Song of Style. I really like the way she styled that item from H&M´s Fashion Against AIDS with her shirt. The picture is from her blog Song of Style.

Aimee again. I love this outfit as well. Picture from Song of Style

Another picture from Song of Style

Diane Kruger at Coachella.

Dita Von Teese looks cute in her dress. I am not sure I would wear a pretty dress like that to a festival. At some point you are bound to sit in the grass or someone will spill a beer on you.

Jared Leto at Coachella. I find him very cool-love his style.

Lauren Conrad in Hunter boots, floral jeans & big cardigan. She looks great : )

Karlie Kloss – Picture from Glamour UK Magazine

Kate Bosworth. She has impeccable style. The picture is from Glamour UK Magazine.

More Kate Bosworth. Picture from Glamour UK Magazine.

Kate Bosworth- Picture from Glamour UK Magazine

Jessica Szohr-love her outfit! Picture from Glamour UK Magazine

Cute Dree Hemmingway. Picture from Glamour UK Magazine

Dree Hemmingway with the coolest outfit. Love her jacket & her Chloé boots. Btw Kate Bosworth has those in red. They would look so good in my wardrobe. Picture  from Glamour UK Magazine

Rihanna is hot as usual

She can pull anything off-love it!

Gorgeous Rosie Huntington- Whiteley

Great photo of Florence Welch.

I think Dree Hemmingway  with the Chloé boots is my favorite look, but they all sure look nice!

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Most people today feel that most people are openminded, rational & civilized. But when we still discuss if gay marriage is to be legal or not- or as in Denmark gays can´t get married in a church I am reminded that we have a long way to go. I could go on for hours discussing minority issues, but I will sum it up. Being different from the majority is not a mutation.   Diversity is not bad. Let´s accept each other & don´t define others as “the gay”, “the muslim” or “the bi polar guy”. We are all much more & maybe we prefer to define us as: a daughter-who also is a mother while being a student- and a part time artist-who had a depression. This way it is easier to see the similarities between individuals instead of only what is different.

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Have you heard?!!!

Tom Ford will open a store at the Woodbury Common Outlet ( near NYC)  July 15! This is Tom Fords first outlet store so I am exited to hear the news. I will for sure stop by next time I visit NY to check out sunglasses and coats. I don´t think his clothing are for me. It looks so uncomfortable. You can tell that a woman didn´t make these clothes-it is just too sexy & for me they will only do for parties.

Love the jacket.

The dress to the right is beautiful, but those other two are not for me…

There a plenty of other good reasons to go to Woodbury Common. They have plenty of great stores with good prices. Fx a Marni store, DVF, Ralph Lauren and so on. Last time I was there my friend & I almost injured our arms carrying all our bags around. Denmark is kind of expensive so we couldn´t help it so we got kind of greedy.

Hope you had a happy easter! I was in our summerhouse for 10 ten days with my family. We have a nice garden & the beach is only a small walk away & we have  E! up there so I can´t help loving it-haha.



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Dansk ( means Danish) Fashion Nominees are revealed & you can vote now! Part 1

I know a lot of you guys aren´t Danish, but this award show is hands down the most glamourous award show in Denmark. Last year über it girl Medina was the hostess & this year it´s Lene Nystrøm who is mostly known for being Aqua´s singer. I think that little Denmark has a lot to offer fashionwise so I will show you who I voted for.

Best Accessory designer:

Line & Jo

I have written about Line & Jo earlier here. I love their work. Pretty & with a hint of darkness.

Danish Brand of the year:

Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Day is a boho inspired brand with both comfy & beautiful items.

Danish Designer of the year:

Oh my this one was tough. Incredible designers like Susanne Rützou for Rützou, Silas Adler for Soulland, Stine Goya, Henrik Vibskov, Peter Jensen, Baum & Pferdgarten & more!!! I love these peoples work. I was standing between Susanne Rützou & Stine Goya,  but in the end i choose Stine Goya, because I love her playful universe. It´s often dreamy & light & she specializes in prints-amazing prints. I have written about Stine Goya earlier here after attending her fantastic show at Copenhagen Fashionweek this winter.

She also make these quirky shoes that I really like. For more Stine Goya look here.

Best new Danish designer:

Anne Sofie Madsen 

This designer is the new Danish darling when it comes to designers. I predict her a very bright future. Once you see her styles I am sure you will see why.

What do you think?

Hairstylist of the year

Marianne Jensen

Here are some of her beautiful work.


Let me know what you think! Are you amazed or not so much? Part 2 is up tomorrow. See you!

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