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I had to look twice at this sleeping grizzly bear bean bag. Cute don´t you agree?

bird clips

Lovely idea if you ask me

Børge Mogensens jagtstol

Amazing chair called “Jagtstolen” ( translates to hunters chair) by Børge Mogensen-Danish design icon. Would love to own this.

cubic doormat

Cubic doormat

Good dog door mat

Odd doormat.


I would love to buy a daybed. This one by Housedoctor is perfect as the leather just keeps getting prettier as the years go by.



Cute cups called mugtails.



Also looks cute with a tealight in it.

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Home decor cravings from Hill-street.dk

Not too long ago I nearly fell of my bike when I saw this store. I went in and i was so cozy. If you live in Copenhagen you should visit it. It is located on Blegdamsvej not too far from Skt. Hans Torv. Otherwise go online & have a look.

small knobs with letters

Aluminium letters-I have these at home. They come with doublesided tape so they are easily up on your wall.

Ship or dog usb-thingy

Tapedispenser. I love when practical stuff are made in a more decorative design like this or the usb thingy´s.

The spotlight lamp is supposed to be the focus here….hmmm

Magnetic pencils for your fridge!

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Home decor

When I want some inspiration for my home I always look at The Selby. There you can find a lot of magnificent homes in a lot of different styles. I found some pictures for you guys to show you what kind of stuff inspires me.

Love all the photos & paintings. I am slowly doing the same at home. It will probably not end up looking exactly like this, because husband does not share my enthusiasm with the boho look.

To cool-so naked- Love it! Hope to redo my bathroom with this in mind.

I love this beat up look. When we fixed up our apartment we removed a lot of layers of painting & wallpaper. I loved what was underneath in our bedroom cause it looked kind of like this. Old & boho which suits the old buildings in Copenhagen.

I love to have books all over the place. We are planning to build a place for all our books at our home. I made the drawings & it will our livingroom a libraryfeeling. Having spent most of my life in a library it makes me feel at home & it is inspiring to have all the books up. Very much looking forward to buying more books-a lot of mine died in a flood last summer.

Take a look at all the amazing homes at the Selby page here.

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