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Funky blogger Hilary Tsui

One of my favorite bloggers is Hilary Tsui-an actress, model, shopowner & socialite living in Hong Kong. Her style is really cool with a generous touch of wackiness. Have a look:

hil hila hilar hilary hilary1

For more Hilary Tsui visit her here.

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Johanna Ho for Birkenstock

I just saw all these cute Birkenstocks at Johanna Ho´s´ webshop. They are sooo out of control cool! & comfy at the same time. But it´s impossible to choose! Johanna Ho is from Hong Kong & I must say i think they have some really amazing designers. Thank God for the world wide web which makes the world a little smaller & gives us opportunity to discover designers from other continents.





I think these black ones with bows are my fave´s. They are so Hong Kong fab!


You can purchase them here.

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Hilary Tsui

I have written about Hilary Tsui before here. She is such an inspiration to me. She has a store in Hong Kong called Liger-so wish I could shop there-sadly they don´t have a webshop.

Love the tights & adore her Chloé boots.

Very Hilary Tsui-love them

Her friends look is so cool!

Amazing style-I need to visit Hong Kong!

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