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Funky blogger Hilary Tsui

One of my favorite bloggers is Hilary Tsui-an actress, model, shopowner & socialite living in Hong Kong. Her style is really cool with a generous touch of wackiness. Have a look:

hil hila hilar hilary hilary1

For more Hilary Tsui visit her here.

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The Jaggers

Mick Jagger has incredible taste in women & he is also a father to several gorgeous women. The next couple of days will be about some of the important women in Mick Jaggers life since they look & dress so beautifully.

The first woman that had Mick Jaggers child was an American woman called Marsha Hunt. Marsha Hunt is a singer, model, actress & a novelist. She moved to London & became quite famous for a small part in the musical Hair. She was modeling a lot in that time & went nude for a Vogue cover. Hunt & Mick Jagger met & had a low key relationship for less than a year & in 1970 she had Mick Jaggers first baby & her only: Karis Jagger Hunt.

Karis is the only daughter that hasn´t been into modeling even though her mother were a model. Instead she graduated from Yale in 1992 with a major in history & seems to try to keep away from the limelight.


Karis with her father.

Karis Jagger

Karis & her mother Marsha Hunt.


Marsha Hunt

marsha hunt

Marsha Hunt in her younger days.

marsha-hunt marshahunt

Wow. The picture that made the cover of Vogue.

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Model Amira Ahmed

Gorgeous Amira Ahmed is born in Sweden by a Somali father & a Filipino mother. Most Somali´s have these beautiful delicate faces & I many Filipino´s have gorgeous big brown doe eyes & full lips. These nationalities obviously look great mixed. I am all for mixed babies- I have two myself. Take a look at these shots. I hope to see a lot more of her work.

Stunning! Don´t you think?!!!

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Elin Kling x Nhu Duong = Nowhere

Blogger darling Elin Kling has a new & affordable collection out on Nelly.com. They are doing a killer job!  Take a look for yourselves:

Love the styling & the model.

Above we have the dynamic duo.

Today two of my friends are coming over for breakfast. I haven´t seen them in a while so I am looking so much forward to catch up! Have a great day everyone!



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Alice Dellal


I love looking at pictures of Alice Dellal. She doesn´t look like anybody else & she never falls into the background. I love her long wavy hair, the undercut that makes sure that she doesn´t look cute with the wavy hair & her rock n´roll look. Karl Lagerfeld loves her & hired her to do a Chanel campaign for the Boy bag collection. Mario Testino & Mick Jagger are her godfathers & shoedesigner Charlotte Olympia is her sister and so on.  But she made her own name. Did I mention she is also a drummer when she doesn´t model?!!!


What do you think?



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