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Handmade bamboo Ikat rugs by The Rug Company




Picture this rug at your house. So beautiful. Due to my fathers passion for handmade rugs I really love handmade rugs. The quality really is something else. They will last forever if you take good care of them. The Rug Company takes handmade rugs to a new level by adding beautiful design. The Rug Company recently launched this new Ikat collection. And you might be wondering what Ikat is: it´s an ancient dyeing technique that has this blurred look-often applied to silk fabrics, but here it´s bamboo. This makes me happy since bamboo is sustainable. It grows really fast, you don´t have to plant new plants since it keeps shooting ( it´s grass), it consumes carbon dioxide, you can use it like wood or make clothes. & the appearance is very similar to silk.



I think this one is my favorite.




For more gorgeous rugs take a look here.

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