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The weekend in pictures

Hi Guys!

I have been caught up in a lot of work, but now I´m back with some pictures from this past weekend.


I went to a demo that had the message that we in Denmark are able to take care of the 200 or more refugees from Afghanistan that the government are about to deport. It is so inhuman & a violation against the UN human rights. These people are in danger & did not arrive here by airplane og a nice cruise. God knows what these people have been through to get to Scandinavia…


I also went to my favorite cupcake place ( I´m not really into cupcakes, but these are something special) Serenity Cupcakes. The owner is such a sweetheart & the place is so cute. There are nice china & always fresh fashion magazines.



I was wearing my new white Nike Airmax & a Zara skirt I bought last summer.

945420_10151920932104768_167479841_n 217049_10151920931354768_72414319_n

My hair is growing rapidly & I can now have a ponytail. Here I´m wearing MAC morange lipstick.



Saturday night I went to a blockparty in a cool street in my old hood. As I walked home I saw this tree that had these amazing big flower buds. Today I saw they are in full bloom. Beautiful!!!

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Favorite accessories at the moment

I promised a picture of my new Burberry crossbody bag & I thought I would also show you some other stuff that I like to wear at the moment. So here goes:


My new Burberry bag. Very classic & still contemporary.


Line & Jo earcuff.


Line & Jo spear earring. My favorite jewelry brand-Danish & Copenhagen based.



My friend Anne got me this brass dog tag for my birthday. It has my old zipcode on it ( where I was born & raised-& she lives there now ). Too cool!

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Wide Fedora

Hats have been in for a couple of years now & it´s not going away anytime soon. My favorite right now is the wide Fedora. I found a couple of pictures of some stylish people wearing the fedora. Enjoy!


Beyonce looks great with the Fedora, round sunnies & pants with print.


Erin Wasson 


Heidi Klum


Jennifer Aniston


Kate Moss´ look is my favorite here. Love the combination. I really like that the fedora fits nearly any casual style.








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I wonder why nobody takes me seriously?!!!

I wonder why nobody takes me seriously?!!!
I found these wacky headpieces for you. You might want to wear one of these babies for your next jobinterview or when meeting your in laws for the first time. Amazing stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Yohji yamamoto

Maison michel

Benoit missolin
the cheetah one is ofcourse by Jeremy Scott.
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Zara are abusing their workers

We kind of know-don´t we? All of the stuff that have pricetags that are too good to be true are probably sewn by a kid or an adult that has to live on the factory for 50 cent & a bowl of rice a day. But we are not sure so we close our eyes, because we like to buy the nice stuff they made. Some have argument like:” Well it´s a way to keep people alive. If we didnt buy the stuff-they would have no bowl of rice.” But couldn´t we just pay what it costs to run the industry without abusing people, someone else would say. And the answer would be:” But then the production might move back to the West & then the fx Chinese workers have nothing at all.” It´s like choosing between the devil & the deep blue sea.  I do think though that when Zara are outsourcing their work-they should make sure that no one suffers. If that means that the consumer has to pay a little more-then so be it. I´m pretty sure that we will buy it anyway & feel better about it too.

zara zara2 zara4

Such nice stuff-what end in this ethical dilemma do you choose? To buy or to pass?



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Courtney Love & Marilyn Manson are Hedi Slimanes muses & stars of Saint Laurent´s new campaign!


Courtney Love looks beat up & like she came straight out of a casket ; ), but in a great Saint Laurent dress.


Marilyn Manson looks so interesting. I like his look-no brows, eyeliner, lipstick, great hair & a nice leather jacket.



I can´t help liking that Saint Laurent choose controversial personalities. I´m no near a fan of any of them, but I think they are interesting & I think there is room for people with edge-okay a lot of edge. In my opinion everything shouldn´t always be so pretty & perfect since the world is far from perfect. The campaign is not very YSL like though…

What do you think?


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Models- off- duty-day!!!

More well dressed off duty models for you guys-enjoy:

off17 off18 off19 off20

This is perfection.


Just realized that she forgot to wear pants/shorts or something!


Great shoes & hair.


Love the sandals.



All photos are ImaxTree

Happy easter to all of you who do easter!

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White t-shirt´s



Meet Mel my stylish friend. The picture didn´t turn out as great as I thought it would, but you still get the point. She looks great in this simple look: white t-shirt, black jeans & ballerina bun. Above I found six great white t-shirts which includes Mel´s Kenzo t-shirt with the tigers.

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