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Pretty ladies with tattoos


iambored.com tat







I sometimes wish that I could get a lot of tattoes without it being a problem. But not only does it not fit my career-I know that I would get bored with them. It is so hard to find a piece of clothing that you would proudly wear in 20 years & tattoes are not that different. We can never know if we will love that Disney character, that rose or dragon for life. You chose it and now you wear it-& its pretty hard to get rid off. Can you even get rid off it??? As in gone without a scar? Instead I do admire the ladies that can carry them without it being a problem & hopefully without ending up hating them.

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Two shots from fashionweek


Just wanted to quickly share two pic´s with you guys.

The smallest guest at fashion week. She was adorable. After this show she went up & danced on the runway.


Two diamond tattoos on a mans arms.





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Michele Lamy

Michele Lamy is one of the most interesting looking women I can think off. I love her look. The darkness, her wardrobe which is full of Rick Owens items ( oh my God- think of all her leather jackets!!!) her gold teeth, her tattoos, her hands & arms!!!! The way she uses accessories on her arms & hands is a huge inspiration.

Love it

Notice the ink stains on her fingers-I find it brilliant.

Her tattoos on her fingers are beautiful. So many people are having tattoos on their fingers these days & a lot of them end up looking like a bikers girlfriend.

Who knew that goldteeth could look this good.

Love her individuality & her sense of style. Michele Lamy with her husband Rick Owens.

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Medina: is the biggest fashion icon in Denmark right now

For those of you who aren´t Danish; Medina is probably the most popular singer in Denmark right now & have been for the last two years or so. She is also the biggest fashion icon here. She has amazing style from her tattoos on her hands to the shoes on her feet. I often see her around at parties & in the city & she never has a bad day when it comes to fashion.

She also made some songs in English that you can check out on youtube. Her videos are also a real treat & she has this great & very melancholic voice. She ofcourse has a great team behind her. Fx the very talented producer team called Providers. Let me know what you think : )

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Tattoos on pets

Yeah I know-that is ridiculous! Poor animals. Isn´t it enogh that we keep them indoor & sterilize+neutralize them? But as offending as I find it. I can´t help thinking that they look really cool-sorry I am a hypocrite in that sense. Check these cool cats out…

This one will scare the hell out of other cats. Looks like a thug to me-haha.

How cruel of his owner to tattoo his cat with this cliché!!! Are you offended? What do you think about this?

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